1997 - Inverness and Thurso

To the far north.

Not much remains in the memory banks about this one. I suspect something unusual, and perhaps illegal, occurred and the security authorities have deleted all the 1997 files in the archive, including those marked 'Not To Be Opened Without Ministerial Permission Which Will Not Be Given'.

It would perhaps be somewhat paranoid of us to suggest that the individuals involved in the expedition (whoever they were - I can't quite seem to remember) had their memories selectively removed by a neuraliser wielded by faceless Men in Quite Dark Grey.

And yes that is the proper spelling.


What is known is that the route involved a sleeper from Preston to Inverness, and a Class 156 to Thurso and back, returning to Preston via Glasgow. Anything more is pure conjecture, and probably didn't happen.

An itinerary is here, for the time being. Read it quick before TMIQDG find it.

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