1996 - Fort William and Oban

This was the route we tried to do in 1995, but couldn't because of the rush of bookings anticipating the closure of the Fort William sleeper. As it happened, it was saved by combining it with the Inverness and Aberdeen sleepers as far as Edinburgh.

On this trip we did the Tyndrum Mile for the first time, getting off the Glasgow-bound train from Fort William at Tyndrum Upper, instead of at the more sensible crossing point at Crianlarich. There we would have had only to stagger across the platform onto the Oban train from Glasgow. However this has its next stop at Tyndrum Lower, so it's really just a gentle downhill yomp from Upper to Lower. And plenty of time to stop at the hotel on the main road for rest and recuperation.


We also sampled Mrs Campbell's B&B for the first time, and made such an impression that the two of them promptly fled to Connel. It was a full three years before we could track them down and descend on them again. We also sampled Oban's swimming pool, a luxury later trips would never allow.

The timetables have certainly gained in intensity over the years - in the early years the trips were somehow more relaxed and contemplative. Soon put a stop to that - this is serious research, not a holiday.

An itinerary is here.

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