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The permanent way is looking somewhat tired, a combination of weathering and strimmer attack.

After some discussion a trial is underway using fine pink gravel held in place by roofing slate.

Looking good so far.

6th February 2016

Back to the main project, and attention turns to the two new steam-up sidings.

Familiarity may breed contempt, but a useful side effect in this case was speed of construction, as we have done it all before.

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7th March 2018

13th January 2016

Minor construction works

A little sideline this week, some surplus breeze blocks have been put to good use as another step-over.

6th January 2016

Phase Three underway

After six months or so of fairly routine running, more plans are afoot.

First up is another return loop, this time on the eastern side.

This increases significantly the opportunities for head-on collisions, particularly with the proposed extra pair of steam-up sidings. These will permit the launching of trains in an anti-clockwise direction, opposite to our normal operating practice.

7th June 2015

Development continues

More development works, with John installing the first of a series of terraces for the plants either side of the steps.

Meanwhile Dennis did a first run with his new Roundhouse Billy, a fine addition to the steadily-growing fleet of locos owned by SMEC members.

24th May 2015

Public running

A busy weekend, with the club's Diesel Day yesterday and the 16mm Open Day today.

Both days were enjoyable and productive, with Frank's Segrave station open to the public for the first time.

An operating lever fitted to the three-way point, courtesy of Keith,  made route selection easier and more reliable.

The extension seems to have bedded in well, and increased the operating interest.

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10th May 2015

Building and running

Some serious multi-tasking today, with no less than four members doing different stuff.

Frank brought Segrave station for a trial fitting, Keith brought his Garratt chassis for a trial run, Tony brought his Lady Anne for a routine run and I brought a small railcar for its inaugural run.

Everything ran smoothly, you will be pleased to hear, and the new building looked a treat.

5th April 2015

Bacon Butty Day

The first official PlayDay of the year, when all the club's tracks are used purely for selfish pleasure.

A good turnout of 16millers saw the first intensive use of the extended trackwork, with no collisions and only one major derailment.

A faulty aerial deprived Deal Castle of the word of command just as it ran out of track, the bridge having been removed as part of the going-home process.

Fortunately only the ego was damaged.

2nd April 2015

Finishing touches, which may continue indefinitely

Ballasting was finished today, another small hut added and the trestle base reconstituted.

Some cleaning-up of the track was also done, using Keith's Garratt chassis as a test vehicle.

A test-run of a diesel across the bridge was abandoned due to flat batteries and decidely bumpy weather.

25th March 2015

Even more nearly finished

Another fine day, not at all spoilt by the amount of ballasting done.

Other useful work included addition of a concrete shed to the station area, more turf-tweaking and grass-seeding, and repainting of the village roofs.

More work on the rockery was carried out, using additional supplies of donated stone.

We might reward ourselves with a running session next week.

20th March 2015

Starting to look (very nearly) finished

Another week, another major step towards completion, with the list of jobs done too numerous to list.

The highlight was the installation of Frank's Sutton station.

Suffice to say it is mainly ballasting and the acquisition of a few more rocks and then the previously-authorised workscope of Phase 2 will be complete.

The unauthorised work, hopefully, will continue.

12th March 2015

Starting to look (nearly) finished

More progress than I expected this week.

The rain hampered activity yesterday, but John, Ian and Vic persevered with the barrows to build one side of the rockery.

Today was drier, and Tony, Keith and Frank laid one half of the infill section with membrane and gravel.

Frank also brought Sutton station for a trial fitting.

Meanwhile I added a newly-acquired secondhand point to convert the station siding to a loop.

I also relocated the spare point above the right-hand loop to become the take-off for another steam-up siding, this time aimed in the opposite direction.

Click on a photo for more.

5th March 2015

Quantity and quality

Another productive day, with turfing completed to a high standard and the infill nearly finished also.

4th March 2015

Digging for victory

There's no substitute for quantity, and when No. of Workers = 6 rapid progress is inevitable.

And so it proved today in the early Spring sunshine, as much good work was done.

Tony made rapid progress with turfing-up the new external slope, and the rest of us moved earth and rubble by the many barrow-load.

And just for good measure, some ballasting happened also.

26th February 2015

The trackwork is complete

A close-up of the new trackwork.

The camera never lies, apart from when showing a smooth(ish) curve as a sharp(ish) dog-leg.

Note the start of infilling, between the siding and the wye.

Eventually this will extend to cover most of the area around the slowly-growing rubble pile.

The lump of concrete is a redundant track support (technical name: stoop) from the larger-gauge track-straightening exercise.

It's an ill wind...

An overall shot of how the new layout will look.

The scope for operational misadventures is apparent.

And just to round off a month of solid achievement, a photo of the new bridge in all its triple-stained glory.

25th February 2015

The siding appears

Construction of the siding begins.

Observant readers (that's all of you) will notice that the far end of the siding trackbed that Tony is holding is joined on to that of the wye.

Just in case we feel the need to turn the siding into a loop.

Which we may well do, at some stage.

19th February 2015

The earthworks begin

Whilst playing with plastic continues, the real work of building up the embankments has started.

The plan is to infill most of the space enclosed by the new trackwork, with just a metre-wide gap between the bridges for essential services.

In other words, less banking, more infill.

11th February 2015

Engineering the join

Fitting the bridge turned out to be a bit fiddly, both to get the height right and to get a smooth transition between plastic trackbed and wooden trestle.

Eventually however it all came good.

Some redundant wooden sleepers have been recycled for use as track supports on the bridge.

4th February 2015

Spanning the (fairly) great divide

The essential lawnmower access must be maintained, so another bridge will be required.

This time it will be a wooden trestle, mainly because I fancy making one.

This is the first section, tested in situ to make sure it both fits and looks the part.

Two out of two, in my view.

And yes, that is real permafrost, waiting on weather is strongly discouraged on the S&SLR.

Meanwhile the trackbed is making rapid progress.

The wye is complete and the connecting section between the top-end curves is not far behind.

28th January 2015

Multiple-choice pointwork

To allow for a siding alongside Sutton station, a three-way point is to be used.

Frank has made a good job of refurbishing it, and the trial fit looks good too.

21st January 2015

Expansion plans are go

After a season of successful running, thoughts have inevitably turned to expansion.

The plan, recently approved by a plenary session of the club, is to join the two curves at the far end of the line and also insert a wye.

This will permit more variety in running and more opportunities for head-on collisions - an irresistible combination!

The first task is to break out some of the existing track to fit additional pointwork.

As always, Keith leads from the front.

30th July 2014

High summer, and running on the Sutton & Segrave is in full swing.

For some, work is the curse of the modelling classes, but even retirees can sometimes find their diaries filled by more domestic matters.

But not all the time, fortunately.

More photos are here.

28th June 2014

Club open day

A day of much activity, in all gauges, when members of other clubs are invited to come and run on our tracks.

More photos are here.

24th May 2014

Sutton village is growing

The single buliding constructed over Christmas has been joined by three others, with a fourth in the works.

Frank has been contracted to build Sutton station, which will be installed on the bank above the village.

By the railway, in fact.

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